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Weeknote for 7/4/2021

Blog 😐 I’m working on the email subscription replacement for Feedburner, which will be MailPoet. If you currently get my blog updates over email, in the next day or three I’ll be sending you an email with instructions on how … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 6/13/2021

Finances 😐 I finished my expense goal calculations with grad school and a pet. For grad school I chose about 20 schools for AI and cognitive science based on their rankings at US News and CollegeHippo, and I gathered tuition … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 5/16/2021

Housekeeping 😐 I’ve entered the messy phase of tidying. Marie Kondo says you need to purge before you organize, but really there’s some pre-purge organizing you have to do. You have to get all the items from the category you’re … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 4/11/2021

Productivity 😐 I’m getting back into GTD. I’m trying to use it as a low-energy activity to stay productive when I’m tired after work. So far I’ve mostly been organizing the uncategorized tasks I’ve accumulated in Nirvana over the years. … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 3/21/2021

Productivity 😎 I started a new productivity experiment at work. It went very well all week. Instead of letting myself extend my workday several hours to make up for wasted time, I’m only letting myself work between 7:30 am and … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 3/14/2021

Stormwater management 😎 I visited a dam with Tim. For my birthday I decided to kick off my stormwater management sightseeing with a trip to the dam that led to this new hobby. The dam keeps the area’s major river … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 2/28/2021

Blog πŸ™‚ To make these weeknotes easier, I’m writing parts of them in advance. Specifically, when I finish a book, I’m making myself write about it before I start the next one. Writing a weeknote segment is part of my … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 1/17/2021

Productivity πŸ˜• I wrestled with fatigue all week. Since I was determined to get my work done and not use personal time just for naps, my work days tended to stretch into the evenings, which didn’t help with my sleep … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 12/6/2020

Christmas labels 😌 I finished them. On Saturday I was on the home stretch, so I pretended it was Christmas Eveβ€”the time I’d normally finish themβ€”and worked on it till morning. I’d slept earlier in the night, so it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Update for 12/11/2016

Project updates Christmas Projects – I’m trying to remember that I have time to work on these over my vacation, so I don’t have to stress myself out trying to finish them before I leave, especially since traveling makes me … Continue reading

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