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Update for 12/31/2017

Christmas Highlights from my Christmas vacation, part 2. I was with my family at our annual gathering at our parents’ house. Sunday 🤔 Sunday morning we visited an Episcopal church we’d visited the previous year. It was just the liturgical … Continue reading

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Update for 9/17/2017

Life management 😠 I’ve gotten tired of my slow programming progress, my information overload, my messy apartment, and my messy schedule. It’s time for another round of life organization. I have ideas about this, but I’ll go into them more … Continue reading

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Update for 11/13/2016

For those of you who were disappointed by the shortness of last week’s update, I think you’ll be happier this week. Project updates Ulcerative colitis – I went for my first Remicade treatment on Monday, and my next one for … Continue reading

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Update for 11/6/2016

Project updates NaNoWriMo – After trying this for a few days, it’s clear that 50,000 words isn’t going to work for me, since it would take two to three hours a day, and I can only work on my projects … Continue reading

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Update for 10/30/2016

Project updates Math relearning – I’ve released the first alpha version, which isn’t very interesting to use, but the documentation might be slightly less uninteresting to read. I’d love to say I’m going to jump into the math programming this … Continue reading

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Update for 10/9/2016

Project updates Math relearning – I didn’t get a lot done on this last week, but I did learn some more about the code I need to write and make a list of the tasks involved, which I’ll try to … Continue reading

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Update for 10/2/2016

Project updates Life maintenance Diet – I got my blood drawn at the lab for my lipid panel, so now I’m waiting. Exercise – Nope, none. I think getting my sleep schedule under control would help this, since I’d feel … Continue reading

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Update for 4/17/2016

On time! How did this happen?? It’s mainly because I used a little trick that’s helped me in other posts, writing no more than four (complicated) sentences per topic. Project updates Math relearning – I’m now on Topic D, about … Continue reading

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Update for 4/10/2016

I was almost only one day late! But Monday evening while writing I felt the need to sleep, partly out of tiredness and partly out of procrastination. It’s hard for me to be brief in these things because I have … Continue reading

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Update for 3/20/2016

This is a more typical update where I tell you how little I got done on my projects and how many extraneous things I did. (The post date says 3/21 because I published this just after midnight.) Site updates Blog … Continue reading

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