Weeknote for 7/16/2023



I decided to try improving my schedule tracker in Google Sheets rather than moving it to Notion. I was convinced I’d move it, but then I didn’t want my Notion to become unusably slow from a ballooning database. I’ve set up recurring productivity iterations, so I’ll probably get back to developing the tracker in early November.

I made a practice plan to make faster progress on Gregg shorthand. Each day (ideally) I’ll create exercises from whatever needs work from my blogging or the Gregg book or a list of common words and practice writing them using spaced repetition. My dream is to someday zip across the page like this.



This week starts my much anticipated (by me) creative writing project. I’ll spend two weeks getting my feet wet in various narrative activities. And yes, some of them will involve chatbots. To prepare myself I’ve been listening to Victoria Lynn Schmidt’s very helpful Story Structure Architect.



On a walk with Jeremy after one of the storms of last week, I took some cloud photos like I used to do. A while back clouds like these inspired an ongoing quest to AI-generate a vintage-looking tropical drink ad that popped into my head.

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