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Weeknote for 10/23/2022

Politics 😐 My friend Heather jumpstarted my election research with links to some helpful endorsements. Other than listening to those, I only got as far as setting up an outline for my notes, but I’m still aiming to drop off … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 10/16/2022

Productivity 🙂 I’ve imported all my Evernote notebooks into Notion using the enex2notion script. The next step is to integrate the notes into my Notion system, which will take some reorganizing of the two sets of projects, and I’ll need … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 10/9/2022

Productivity 😐 I’m trying a third-party script, enex2notion, for importing my Evernote notebooks into Notion, since Notion’s import is unreliable. Last week I laboriously exported all my many notebooks from Evernote into ENEX files for the script to import, and … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 10/2/2022

Life maintenance 😐 I narrowed down my candidates for primary doctor and ranked them to clarify my options. This week I’ll try to make an appointment with one of them for the annual physical I’ve been postponing since the start … Continue reading

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