Weeknote for 10/16/2022



I’ve imported all my Evernote notebooks into Notion using the enex2notion script. The next step is to integrate the notes into my Notion system, which will take some reorganizing of the two sets of projects, and I’ll need to do it as a side project, because officially I’m putting this one on hold to focus on some others.

Also on the side, I’m updating other aspects of the system, such as the format of my work journaling notes and the Kanban boards I want to use to manage my project and task schedules.

I’m starting to schedule my projects in two-week and two-month intervals. These are the timeframes I’m noticing my shorter and longer projects falling into, so I’m trying them out as default expectations for planning purposes.



For the next couple of weeks I’ll be researching the candidates on my midterm ballot. In the process I want to note the evaluation criteria that emerge as I research so I can make future election decisions more quickly.



Barissimo Midnight Blend: 4/5. Possibly just a rebrand of their Dark Roast, this is another good one for times I want a coffee with some bite that I can still settle into without fuss.


As I search for a simplified meal plan strategy, one aspect I’m exploring is using whole grains, such as brown rice if I can figure out what to do about the arsenic (opinions from Harvard, Consumer Reports [summary, report], and the FDA). In the meantime, I have a bunch of leftover white rice and pasta I want to use up, so that’ll dictate my meals for at least a couple more months, hopefully still using simple recipes that aren’t too boring.

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