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Update for 1/8/2017

Project updates Project map – I haven’t worked on it constantly, but I can tell it’ll take a long time to think through these issues, so I’m going to move the project purposely to the background to keep from putting … Continue reading

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Update for 12/4/2016

Project updates Bookmarks – I didn’t work much on the desynced bookmarks situation, but I did think through it enough to start dreading it, since writing a script to merge them was going to take a fair amount of work. … Continue reading

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Update for 10/2/2016

Project updates Life maintenance Diet – I got my blood drawn at the lab for my lipid panel, so now I’m waiting. Exercise – Nope, none. I think getting my sleep schedule under control would help this, since I’d feel … Continue reading

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Update for 9/4/2016

Happy September! Here’s a tweet from my sister about an article on making a fresh start this time of year. Project updates Math relearning – Life never misses an opportunity to disappoint my optimistic scheduling expectations, and so despite my … Continue reading

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Update for 7/3/2016

Happy Independence Day to those of you who are Americans. Project updates Math relearning – I’ve added the Grade 1 article, and as I explain there, I’ve decided to try a different approach to my notetaking, writing my notes in … Continue reading

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