Update for 10/2/2016

Project updates

  • Life maintenance
    • Diet – I got my blood drawn at the lab for my lipid panel, so now I’m waiting.
    • Exercise – Nope, none. I think getting my sleep schedule under control would help this, since I’d feel better about getting up early.
    • Ulcerative colitis – I see my doctor this week about my ineffective Humira treatment.
    • Daily routine – Last week I said maybe I should give up on regulating my sleep, but I’m back to disagreeing with that idea, since I don’t like feeling like my life is a mess, and unregulated sleep is one of the main causes. This week I’ll try taking a few minutes at the end of work each day to plan my evening and decide what I’m going to leave out so I can get to sleep on time.
    • Housekeeping – I didn’t end up spending much time on this, but I did make progress on the biggest nuisances, so I’ll consider that a win. I don’t want to put off other projects for housekeeping, but I’ll keep working on it here and there.
  • Wishlist – I might add a couple more things later, but I’m counting my Christmas list as pretty much done, because I’m pooped from all this research. When I make my Christmas list, I’m basically planning for several future projects at once and filtering it all on its funness rating, and it gets tiring. It has, however, gotten me thinking about a topic that’s near and dear to me, a loose collection of book genres I’m calling superbooks, and I figured it was time I posted my wiki seed article on it, which I’ll fill out as time goes on, probably even this week. It’s also gotten me thinking about some of my creative projects, such as writing, which I bought another book for, The Writer’s Idea Book–a set of writing prompts, something that’s been lacking in my collection–so maybe I’ll work on that and some other creative projects soon.
  • TV – Netflix released Luke Cage on Friday, the latest in Marvel’s street-level superhero shows, so I’m pausing my other shows while I watch through that. I’ve seen two episodes, and I’m enjoying it pretty well so far, especially Alfre Woodard, who I’ve liked ever since I was introduced to her in Star Trek: First Contact. It’s interesting to get another glimpse into (a Hollywood version of) a community that’s so different from mine.
  • Math relearning – I don’t want to keep delaying this project, so I’m back to math programming this week. My goal is to get through most of the basic supporting code (setup script, test script, and user interface).

Life updates

  • Church – We celebrated our merged church’s one-year anniversary Sunday along with the 5-, 10-, and 50-year anniversaries of our component congregations. I ended up skipping the morning service because I got up late, but I made myself go to the special afternoon service, which was 45 minutes too long for me, but I did feel kind of inspired by some of it, and our old pastor spoke, which made me miss him a bit.
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  1. Linda W. says:

    Hope you’ll get some relief via more effective medication.

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