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Update for 6/24/2018

Life maintenance πŸ™‚ I’m around 60% done sorting out the papers I need to finish the last 5% of my budget. It always takes a surprising amount of time to file papers when I have a big pile of them. … Continue reading

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Update for 6/17/2018

Conceptual modeling 😐 Well, I meant to post some minor updates last week, but they turned out to be trickier than I expected, and then my week was taken up by finances and catch-up naps. So maybe this week. But … Continue reading

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Update for 6/10/2018

Conceptual modeling 😎 I consider this my main project right now, defining a method for conceptual modeling. But I tend to waste a lot of time on things like social media, so I wasn’t spending as much time on it … Continue reading

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Update for 6/3/2018

Life maintenance 😐 Last week: Budget – Progressed about an inch. This week: Budget Apartment research GDPR 😐 Last week: Terms of service, privacy policy, privacy tools, consent checkbox Backup research This week: Backup setup My backups have been spotty … Continue reading

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