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Weeknote for 1/14/2024

Productivity 🧐 The next four weeks I’ll take care of some work-intensive parts of my productivity system that will set me up for future improvements. The main two are (1) learning how to automate Notion with Make and (2) learning … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 2/21/2021

Blog πŸ€” I need to budget my blogging time. Last week’s project time was taken up by blog writing, which is not how I’d prefer to use it. I’ve used various time-limiting strategies for my blogging in the past, so … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 2/14/2021

Productivity πŸ™‚ My elastic habits are still going well. I’ll get into specifics in the finance and housekeeping sections. To keep the blog from getting too repetitive, I’ll make this the last Elastic Habits update until something changes. Finances 😎 … Continue reading

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Update for 5/22/2016

Project updates Math relearning – I’ve finished preschool and posted my comments on the wiki (modules 2, 3, 4, and 5). I’m still working out the best way to produce content from this material that’s useful to me without slowing … Continue reading

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Some rethinking, a trip to Chicago, and a workshop

Last week I added a chapter to my Pychyl summary, posted my first chunk of epistemology notes, posted some of my drawing exercises to DeviantArt, and began reviewing my project choices. The epistemology notes are for the book’s introduction, and … Continue reading

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