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RssReader is my friend again

I figured out what was causing RssReader to eat up 50% of my CPU (which it was, by the way). It was my huge storage file, which it turned out was impossible even for metapad to open, which never happens. … Continue reading

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Ooh, I have subscribers now

It really changes things to know you have a specific audience. I’m not just writing to empty air now. And now I feel like all my entries have to be significant so I’m not filling people’s inboxes with meaningless drivel. … Continue reading

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E-mail notification

If you want to keep up with the happenings on my site (supposing there are some), but you don’t want to check it every day and you don’t use RSS for some reason, you can sign up to receive an … Continue reading

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The comments are back!

You may now comment. The problem was some code in my comments file that the WordPress upgrading instructions didn’t cover. So I just used the default comments template and changed the content to match my old one. Somehow my faithful … Continue reading

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The current state of my faith

After eight-and-a-half months of writing, rewriting, distraction, and procrastination, I finally present to you … my essay! On Being an Agnostic Christian Warning: It’s long, about 14,300 words, but there’s a summary near the beginning. And as you can guess … Continue reading

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The e-mail notification is coming

I’ve been making progress on the e-mail notification plugin. I actually got it installed! Now I need to make everything look the way I want it, and then you’ll be able to sign up. While I was working on that, … Continue reading

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