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Weeknote for 3/24/2024

Learning 😎 Memory Techniques by Douglas Hoff is the book I’ll work through first when I’m designing my own system. I might not recommend it as a first book on memorizing, but it’s an intensive survey of the many techniques … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 8/27/2023

Life maintenance :relieved: I bought a new 12-inch skillet and some clothes. My old skillet has needed replacing for years, and I hope having a new one will at least temporarily motivate me not to procrastinate on cooking. My wardrobe … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 3/5/2023

Life maintenance 😐 After a week crowded with naps I managed to gather more info for my taxes. I’m aiming to finish the filing by Thursday for a discount on my tax software. I reached a milestone in my ongoing … Continue reading

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Update for 1/28/2018

Life management πŸ™‚ My new coat came in the mail. It’s certainly warm. It’s also longer than my old one, so I’ll have to get used to that. My pants pockets are harder to get into, and I have to … Continue reading

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Update for 1/21/2018

Life management πŸ™‚ My productivity finally picked up and gained some momentum last week. As a result my apartment is looking a lot tidier, even though some of that is just that I’ve moved things out of sight. I’ll organize … Continue reading

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Update for 1/7/2018

I think my brain was still on vacation last week. Life outside of work was very disorganized and procrastinatory. It seems like all I did was shop online and research and sleep. New Year’s Eve 😜 I spent New Year’s … Continue reading

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Update for 12/31/2017

Christmas Highlights from my Christmas vacation, part 2. I was with my family at our annual gathering at our parents’ house. Sunday πŸ€” Sunday morning we visited an Episcopal church we’d visited the previous year. It was just the liturgical … Continue reading

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Update for 5/1/2016

Project updates Math relearning – I got through two pre-K modules (out of five) toward the end of the week and posted my comments for one of them, PK Module 1, so my reading is moving faster now. I also … Continue reading

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Update for 4/10/2016

I was almost only one day late! But Monday evening while writing I felt the need to sleep, partly out of tiredness and partly out of procrastination. It’s hard for me to be brief in these things because I have … Continue reading

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Update for 4/4/2016

A couple of days late again because on Sunday I couldn’t be bothered to do anything responsible after church, and yesterday I went to sleep practically right after dinner. I’m also trying to make these updates shorter because my long … Continue reading

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