Update for 1/28/2018

Life management


My new coat came in the mail. It’s certainly warm. It’s also longer than my old one, so I’ll have to get used to that. My pants pockets are harder to get into, and I have to reach down farther to zip it up. Fortunately it’s only somewhat like sitting in a tube. Overall I’m glad I have it, so thank you to my parents for my early birthday present.


Last week was an eventful one in the medical department.



Monday I had another Remicade infusion. An IV at the hospital once every eight weeks. It basically takes up my afternoon. Something in the meds they give me, maybe the Benadryl, puts me to sleep. Even a large coffee doesn’t keep me awake, so now I just plan for a nap an hour into the visit. Then I blearily drive home and continue my nap there.



A couple of weeks ago I got a notice in the mail that my driver’s license was expiring. I didn’t see a way to renew it online, so it seems I’ll have to go in person. Which usually means a vision test. My distance vision declined in my early twenties, but I was always able to pass those tests. Barely. It’s annoying and embarrassing enough that last time I told myself next time I’d just give in and get glasses. Well, this is next time.

Last week I finally got around to making an appointment with an eye doctor, and I went in Thursday. I was actually kind of looking forward to it, not only because it would take care of a long-standing problem, but also because I was curious if I’d feel like I was in an ASMR video.

The answer was no. The exam went a lot faster than one of those roleplays, and the optometrist was a lot chattier. Plus I had to actually expend mental effort and interact. So while it wasn’t exactly stressful, it wasn’t relaxing. Those videos did give me an idea of what to expect though, so I was grateful for them. But the real optometrist was much higher tech, so the ASMRtists need to step things up.

My vision problems are only slight, and the optometrist said my vision is “20/20 with some help,” whatever that means exactly. The problem is astigmatism, which I always thought had something to do with crossed eyes, but it’s just a deformation of the cornea. So we picked out some glasses, and they’ll probably have them ready Monday. Jeremy was so fascinated to hear I’m getting glasses that he’s coming with me to pick them up.



I’ve posted the beginnings of my analysis article. I’m just roughing it out right now to get down the essential points. I’m not worrying too much about making it interesting or even particularly understandable to people who aren’t me. That’ll come later.

Writing the article has reminded me that in analysis I try to think in terms of systems, so I’m going to stop putting off my study of systems theory. I’ve also learned that the linguistic field of semantics is directly relevant.



I’m halfway through Red Mars. The Mars globe is being very helpful, since they’re trekking all over the planet instead of staying in a small region like I expected. The characters are all interesting, but I find myself relating most to John Boone. He’s more energetic and outgoing than I am, but I recognize some of my ways of thinking in his attempts to grasp the present and future of Mars society. And his eyes-on-the-ground approach is one I’d want to take, even if I wouldn’t pursue it nearly as vigorously.



On Saturday Tim and I made last minute plans to watch Murder on the Orient Express at a second-run theater. To our surprise it was packed. We had to sit separately. I knew practically nothing about the movie. I didn’t even know it was a Poirot story till he gave his name. I liked it, especially the cinematography. And it was fun to see a star-studded cast in a movie that was actually good. Usually I assume they’re doing that to prop up a bad one.

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4 Responses to Update for 1/28/2018

  1. Linda W. says:

    You’re getting glasses? That’s huge!

    I want to see Murder on the Orient Express. I really enjoyed the book.

    • Andy says:

      Yep, glasses. I don’t know how much I’ll wear them though. I can see well enough without them, but it’s nice to be able to see better when I want to.

      I’ll be interested to see if you like the movie. I don’t even know if it follows the book.

  2. Grace Culbertson says:

    You are welcome for the coat. I guess now I will have to send you a check for it. Sorry about the glasses, but you will look as “cute” in them as your brother does. Bad eyes come to all of us with age.

    Glad your Mars globe has been useful to you. Do you plan on exploring Mars one day? Please let us know if you do. We will miss you.

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