Update for 2/4/2018



I decided to do my 5-year service award, which meant my boss and I had to write statements for the CEO to read in chapel. We made it through the ordeal, and it turned out well. In my comments I shouted out the lunchtime board game group for getting me to connect with people outside my department.



I picked up my glasses on Monday, and since then I’ve even put them on a few times to get used to them. I feel like I’m looking through some kind of strange microscope, but it’s nice to be able to see tree branches clearly again after 15 years.

Take that, DMV! #glasses

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I posted another section of my analysis essay. It’s going more slowly than I’d hoped.

One reason it’s going slowly is that I decided I needed a systems theory book. The field of systems theory is, a little ironically, a mess. So a lot of last week’s project time went into researching that. I settled on Systems Thinking, Systems Practice, a detailed and somewhat up-to-date overview with application methods by a prominent systems researcher, Peter Checkland.

My next book hunt will be on design thinking.

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  1. Linda W. says:

    Great choice on the frames!

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