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Update for 2/25/2018

Life management 😐 I had a surprise freelance job last week, so no taxes. But this week! Movies 😎 Tuesday I saw Black Panther with my geek meetup. I rate it 6/5. I’d been looking forward to it as a … Continue reading

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Update for 2/18/2018

Thinking πŸ™‚ My analysis essay is trundling along. I’m hoping to post the rest of it in the next couple of weeks. Life management 😀 I’m going to do my taxes this week. Don’t let me put it off! Beliefs … Continue reading

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Update for 2/11/2018

Church πŸ€” After being sidetracked from my liturgy hunting project for a few weeks by music duties at church, last Sunday I visited Lutheran church #1. It definitely had the feel I was going for, but I spent the whole … Continue reading

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Update for 2/4/2018

Work πŸ™‚ I decided to do my 5-year service award, which meant my boss and I had to write statements for the CEO to read in chapel. We made it through the ordeal, and it turned out well. In my … Continue reading

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