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Weeknote for 3/13/2022

Productivity πŸ™‚ I relearned I have to aim for target times if I want to hit them. Up till now I’ve mainly been trying to schedule the important tasks for earlier in the day and letting everything take as long … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 3/6/2022

Website 😐 I didn’t do anything on fixing the website. My project time was taken up by invoicing. Maybe this week. Vacation πŸ™‚ My birthday is this week, and I’m taking the day off. I asked myself what I wanted … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 2/27/2022

Website 😐 I’m taking a break from my main projects to fix my website. Not only has someone asked me about a page on the wiki, but I’m working on something new to post there. So it’s time to prioritize … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 2/20/2022

Productivity πŸ™‚ I’m creating mnemonics for Emacs commands. I’m thinking it’ll help me learn the many, many arbitrary-seeming commands in this software. The keystroke sequences have fairly regular structures, so it shouldn’t be too hard to search and replace the … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 2/13/2022

Website 😐 I’m fixing the wiki side of the website. If you hadn’t noticed, the front page of this site used to point to a page that looks like Wikipedia, and now it points to this blog. At the end … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 2/6/2022

Productivity 😎 I got through another page of the Org guide, and then I made a cheat spreadsheet. It’ll let me sort by different pieces of info so I have a more flexible way to review the many, many commands. … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 1/30/2022

Productivity 😐 I made no progress on the Org part of this project. I’ll see if I can prioritize it this week. πŸ™‚ I made lots of progress on my scheduling notes, which are growing into plans for a full-fledged … Continue reading

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Update for 2/5/2017

Project updates Book feedback – [moved from last week’s update because it belongs here] I spent the first three days of last week on this, and then I delivered what I had to my friend, which he said he’d be … Continue reading

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