Weeknote for 2/13/2022



I’m fixing the wiki side of the website. If you hadn’t noticed, the front page of this site used to point to a page that looks like Wikipedia, and now it points to this blog. At the end of last year I updated the site’s PHP version so WordPress would work, and it broke MediaWiki, so I’ve been troubleshooting in my spare moments. My next thing to try is installing it from scratch and importing the old data.



I organized the Emacs part of my cheat spreadsheet for Org. I’ve added some commands from familiar Windows programs that are equivalent to the Emacs commands, but there are plenty that don’t have Windows counterparts, at least not in software I use. This week I’ll add the Org commands.

I’m trying to be more regular about improving my productivity system. Looking at my life over the past couple of years, I’ve been impressed with how much small changes can build up, and so I’d like to keep the snowball rolling by intentionally looking each day for improvements to make to my system. Last week one improvement was a new routine timer to capture some of my miscellaneous evening tasks, and part of the new evening routine is to practice cleaning every day, since after I replaced housekeeping in my elastic habits, I went back to putting it off.



I ran my new Roomba for the first time. It was a Christmas present from my parents. I set it up a few weeks ago, but after that Roma was just sitting on her charger waiting for me to work out how to clear the floor. So that was Sunday’s housekeeping project, which took a long time because I constantly stopped to make notes of what I was moving to where so I wouldn’t have to think about it in the future. It was interesting to watch the Roomba follow its path finding algorithm, but it seemed inefficient, retreading some areas and missing others, so I’ll try walling it off so it can spend its time on one room. I also need to mess with its cliff sensors, because it stops at the edge of my black-patterned rug, apparently thinking it’s an abyss.



I sampled Bigelow’s assorted black and green teas, and other teas are growing on me. My default score for tea is 3, and this set was a solid 3, but I think my sister’s observation was right, that I tend to like mint, and the Perfectly Mint Classic does get a 4. At the same time I notice myself gravitating toward certain “bland” teas I’ve tried, like Earl Grey, so I’m starting not to trust my initial impressions, and I’ll need to rethink my scoring criteria.

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