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Update for 1/7/2017

I think my brain was still on vacation last week. Life outside of work was very disorganized and procrastinatory. It seems like all I did was shop online and research and sleep. New Year’s Eve 😜 I spent New Year’s … Continue reading

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Update for 12/31/2017

Christmas Highlights from my Christmas vacation, part 2. I was with my family at our annual gathering at our parents’ house. Sunday 🤔 Sunday morning we visited an Episcopal church we’d visited the previous year. It was just the liturgical … Continue reading

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Update for 11/12/2017

“Last” week was an interesting one. It took me all the next week to figure out how to write about it. So these events are from Nov 5-11, two weeks before the time I’m posting. I’ll post this week’s update … Continue reading

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Update for 11/5/2017

Life management 😕 Well, thanks to my continuing irregular sleep and poor time management, my life is feeling even more stalled. But I’m still experimenting to find solutions. Project generator 😕 I progressed about a millimeter. Sometimes when my online … Continue reading

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Update for 10/29/2017

This week I’m trying to be briefer, especially since the update is already so late. Worship team 🙂 I’ve been moved from piano to synth for at least the next few months. We have too many pianists. At first I … Continue reading

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Update for 10/22/2017

Life management 😕 My kitchen sink was still leaking on Saturday. I even pestered the office a few days earlier to get someone out to fix it. It was annoying not to be able to do dishes, but I used … Continue reading

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Update for 10/15/2017

I was expecting this to be another short-entry week. Socializing 🙂 Sunday I played on the worship team at our church’s other site, and afterward they had a lunch of Korean food. I attended this. I wasn’t feeling very social, … Continue reading

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Update for 10/8/2017

Death 🤔 I spent about a third of my project time last week refreshing my memory on how to write a sympathy note. If you ever find yourself needing to support someone who’s had a loss, I recommend The Art … Continue reading

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Update for 9/17/2017

Life management 😠 I’ve gotten tired of my slow programming progress, my information overload, my messy apartment, and my messy schedule. It’s time for another round of life organization. I have ideas about this, but I’ll go into them more … Continue reading

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