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I grew up on superheroes, mainly the ones from the DC universe. I watched the Super Friends, the Superman movies, Wonder Woman, Batman. I had the action figures, storytapes, coloring books, and we have pictures of me in a Superman … Continue reading

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I’m posting two days in a row!

Okay, back to Farscape. I had seen it mentioned in TV Guide and on forums, but I had no idea what it was about other than aliens. I thought maybe it was similar to Babylon 5. I didn’t know what … Continue reading

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Current preoccupations

Hello. It’s time I blogged again. I really wish I did more of it, and perhaps I will. I am again trying to get control of my daily routine. Time. My nemesis. Anyway, in the 30 minutes I have left … Continue reading

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E-rent payment is fired!

This online rent payment service my apartment offers has messed up again. Last time, the payment was made, but apparently the apartment office didn’t get the e-mail to inform them. This time the payment wasn’t even made. My e-mail was … Continue reading

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The Thinkulum is back!

As you may have noticed, my site was down from 8-27 to 9-2. This is because my webhosting got renewed automatically but my domain did not, and I didn’t realize that until it disappeared. And then the domain took a … Continue reading

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