E-rent payment is fired!

This online rent payment service my apartment offers has messed up again. Last time, the payment was made, but apparently the apartment office didn’t get the e-mail to inform them. This time the payment wasn’t even made. My e-mail was down last week because of my missing domain, so I didn’t get the e-mail I should have gotten to confirm my rent payment, and last night I remembered that I needed to check the site to make sure everything was all right. It wasn’t. The last payment was for last month’s rent, and for some reason the automatic payment option I had turned on was now turned off. I, of course, was infuriated. Inconveniences that threaten my life maintenance like that are one of the few things that make me really angry. But there was nothing I could do to resolve it until the office opened, and that wouldn’t happen until the morning, or if they were closed on Labor Day (which they are, it turns out), Tuesday morning. So I watched another episode of DS9 to calm myself down and went to bed. I feel better now. Hopefully they will understand that this was another technological mess up and won’t hold it against me. I’m relying on God to make that happen. But one thing is certain–I’ll be hand delivering my rent from now on.

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2 Responses to E-rent payment is fired!

  1. April says:

    🙁 Stupid technology…it’s Murphy’s Law, I’m convinced!! Hey, random question for you: when you took Hebrew was it taught by inductive or deductive method?

  2. Andy says:

    It was deductive. Inductive would have been even more torturous.

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