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Weeknote for 7/31/2022

Productivity 😌 I finally finished recreating the Bulletproof Workspace in my Notion workspace. It took about three times as long as I was expecting. But now I know even more about Notion, and that puts me in a great position … Continue reading

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Update for 10/30/2016

Project updates Math relearning – I’ve released the first alpha version, which isn’t very interesting to use, but the documentation might be slightly less uninteresting to read. I’d love to say I’m going to jump into the math programming this … Continue reading

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Update for 10/23/2016

Project updates Math relearning – I finished the installation code, but I want to update the readme file before I commit everything. Then I’ll start on the actual math programming. GTD – I’ve decided to revisit an idea I had … Continue reading

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