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And another!

This music mystery comes from the distant past of my childhood, when I had a set of superhero story books and tapes produced by DC Comics and Fisher Price. I loved those things. I listened to them all the time. … Continue reading

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Another music mystery solved!!

I was shocked to get a lead on one of my mystery songs tonight while listening to an independent artists site. I first heard this song on the Muzak website, and it was some jazzy, ambient sounding thing with some … Continue reading

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I give up again

I had a ray of hope when I found out that many of the major content providers are working on cross-platform DRM and that Sony is part of that effort. So I decided to give them another try. I downloaded … Continue reading

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Down with copyright!

Okay, not really. But copyright laws really irritate me sometimes. In fact, intellectual property is one of the few topics that I can get carried away reading about. Hours slip away while I hop from link to link, looking for … Continue reading

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