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Update for 4/30/2017

Life updates Chapel – Last week I forgot to mention that at work the week before, our chapel speaker was Kim PhĂșc, the “napalm girl” from the famous Vietnam War photo, and she was funny and inspiring, especially her story … Continue reading

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Update for 4/2/2017

Life updates Life events seemed to dominate last week, so I’ll start with them. Car – I spent a worried Monday and Tuesday with my car left at the mechanic to assess a rusted, leaky brake line, wondering if I’d … Continue reading

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Update for 3/26/2017

Project updates Knowledge representation – I installed software for the three controlled languages I want to look at, plus Inform 7 because I’m curious how well an interactive fiction engine can be adapted to general KR, and I’ll probably explore … Continue reading

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Update for 8/28/2016

Project updates Math relearning – The explanation of my programming project is getting kind of long, and I still have more to write that’ll take a few more days, but hopefully I can post that this week. This explanation is … Continue reading

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