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What I’ve been up to this time, part 2

Okay, what next?

I’ve been a bit more social lately. In January I started going to Joel’s weekly prayer group at his house, made up of some of his friends from college. It’s been nice to get back into a group of my peers. Usually I socialize with one person at a time, which is good and which I prefer in some ways, but a group can be enlivening in a way that an individual can’t.

And while I like the older people I’ve spent time with while living here, it does leave me feeling like I don’t quite belong. It’s especially true when everyone else there has children. When you have children, you enter a whole other world full of school and doctor visits and other people’s children and children’s programs at church and so on, and it’s not a world I can really identify with. I’m only a somewhat interested outsider.

Now, Joel’s friends are mainly gamer geeks, and although I’ve always gotten along with the gaming crowd and I feel a certain affection for them, I’m not really a gamer, so I feel a little on the outside there too at times. But I don’t mind too much. I already know that I take a while to warm up to people, especially in groups. And gaming is an area I could potentially move into, if thought it would help. And of course their friendships are based on more than that. It is a prayer group, after all. And they are very welcoming. Continue reading

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