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Update for 3/10/2019

Music 😎 Tuesday I took the afternoon off from work, took a long nap, and then headed out to see Jacob Collier in concert. Jacob Collier trials 1 and 2 passed: the Chicago traffic gauntlet and getting into the concert … Continue reading

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Update for 3/3/2019

Housekeeping 🙂 I’ve actually been cleaning up around the apartment … about eight months after I moved here. Sure, I’m mostly just shoving stuff in closets and cabinets, but at least the floor looks less cluttered. Software development 🤔 My … Continue reading

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Update for 2/24/2019

Software development 🙂 I finished February’s work on my software development notes. Despite a late start and general laziness, I think the project went decently well. Here’s the project in its current state. I’m taking the Zettelkasten approach of treating … Continue reading

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