Update for 3/3/2019



I’ve actually been cleaning up around the apartment … about eight months after I moved here. Sure, I’m mostly just shoving stuff in closets and cabinets, but at least the floor looks less cluttered.

Software development


My latest project on software development practices is done, but my book listening continues. Last week I completed Building Microservices. This is in a family of books on evolutionary distributed software architecture. Release It!, which I finished the week before, was also in that family, though that one was less about evolution.

The idea of Building Microservices is that splitting your application into many small services can make it flexible enough to evolve easily. Since I haven’t done that much with networks or web development, I only understood bits and pieces of it, but I could sort of see why people think highly of it. The author packs in a lot of advice.

Now I’m on Refactoring Databases, which was written years earlier but also belongs in the family.

Coding project generator


Last week I did some planning. This week I might get to some coding. This project has a lot of little pieces to take care of, but I think most of it will be pretty easy.



Part of project management is risk management, and my generator project has already been confronted by a risk of derailment. The cause is an interdimensional shapeshifting cat monster on the Internet. The cat in question is Nick Nocturne, host of the YouTube channel Night Mind, which does analysis of horror media.

Last week Nick posted a video to introduce his next series of uploads, which will be analyzing the novel House of Leaves, and he challenged all his viewers to read the whole 700-page thing in the nine days before the first video goes up. I accepted. I don’t normally do challenges like that, but this book was on my to-read list, and joining the crowd of readers sounded fun.

700 pages in 9 days is around 75 pages per day. How will I juggle the book and the coding? I’m not sure, but I might decide to postpone the coding till next week. Like I said, the tasks seem fairly easy.

And if you aren’t into horror but you’re interested in books with a creative format, S. might be the book for you.



I have another project interruption this week. Last summer I started getting into the music of Jacob Collier, a jazz prodigy who in 2017 won two Grammys in a row. Last year I skipped his concert in Chicago to my instant regret, so when he announced his next one here, I bought a ticket ASAP. Well the time has come, and his concert is on Tuesday! My birthday is on Thursday, so it’s like an early present.

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2 Responses to Update for 3/3/2019

  1. Linda W. says:

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Andy!

    I read the description of House of Leaves on Amazon. My goodness: “Had The Blair Witch Project been a book instead of a film, and had it been written by, say, Nabokov at his most playful, revised by Stephen King at his most cerebral, and typeset by the futurist editors of Blast at their most avant-garde, the result might have been something like House of Leaves.”

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