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What is it I have against writing?

I used to be good at staying on top of my e-mail. I wrote to people constantly. If communication dropped off, I was always the last person to send a message. I was always doing research and writing essays on … Continue reading

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Studyhound, thanks! You’re absolutely right! That honestly never occurred to me, but I’m behind on my RSS awareness. I now have an RSS feed! (The link is at the bottom of the page.) Incidentally, here’s the info for TWeb’s RSS … Continue reading

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Work is fine

To answer April’s question, work is going well. I’m starting to get my schedule back under control, so my work hours are more normal and I can leave at a decent hour. Last week I was getting there at 9:00 … Continue reading

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War of the Worlds

Thursday night I went with my brother and my friend from work to see War of the Worlds. What a movie! I was expecting it to be kind of boring. I had only heard the radio play before, and I … Continue reading

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Name change

I forgot to mention that on August 2nd I changed my name on TheologyWeb from trialvironite (which no one could pronounce or understand) to Taran Wanderer. Taran is the main character of the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander. He’s called … Continue reading

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The joys of online transactions

Yesterday I came home to a folded piece of paper wedged between the doorknob and the door frame. It was written in legalese, so it took me a minute to figure out what it was. It was an overdue rent … Continue reading

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I just finished watching Metropolis. It was weird of course. I mean, it would hardly be anime otherwise. As usual it had robots, some sort of family issue, elaborate machinery, and military tactics. I always have to struggle to understand … Continue reading

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A bullet point update

Hello. I’ve been kinda busy the last three weeks! Here are some highlights. – I finally finished reading the Sluggy Freelance archives, and it is now tied with GPF as the best webcomic in the universe, or it’s a close … Continue reading

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