The joys of online transactions

Yesterday I came home to a folded piece of paper wedged between the doorknob and the door frame. It was written in legalese, so it took me a minute to figure out what it was. It was an overdue rent notice. I was immediately enraged. I paid my rent online! Six days ago! Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, I dashed to my computer, looked through my old e-mails, and found the receipt they sent me. It was an automatic payment. I have it set to pay my rent on the last day of every month just so I can make sure nothing goes wrong before the rent is due on the first. It seemed to work, but then I got this nice little note, so obviously the system is messed up. I calmed down a little, printed out the receipt, and marched over to the office to inform them of their incompetence. Nicely and politely, of course.

I told the lady at the desk that I had just gotten this overdue rent notice but that I had paid my rent online. She was friendly and said that they must not have gotten the e-mail. She took the notice and my receipt printout and acted as if it would be a snap to take care of, so I thanked her and left. I guess I should check back in a day or two to make sure they got it fixed.

On the mailbox where we leave our rent checks, there’s a sign that says, “Save time! Pay online!” It doesn’t save time if I have to go to the office anyway to fix mistakes! There’s also a $2 convenience fee. Plus a heart attack when they get things wrong.

Anyway, I felt better immediately after handing the problem off to the office. I just thought it would be a good blog story. 🙂

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  1. Kaz says:

    dang, I pay a lot of things online through my bank.
    hope that doesnt happen to me :doh:

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