I just finished watching Metropolis. It was weird of course. I mean, it would hardly be anime otherwise. As usual it had robots, some sort of family issue, elaborate machinery, and military tactics. I always have to struggle to understand the tactical side of a plot. I just don’t have a military mind. It’s kind of frustrating. I didn’t understand everything that was going on in Batman Begins until the second time through. I have trouble grasping the strategies of business and politics too.

But I understand the personal and philosophical sides of a plot easily, as long as they actually make sense. Unfortunately I often don’t understand them when they’re buried in symbolism, which seemed to be the case with the end of Metropolis, so it left me a little confused. The upbeat jazzy music totally didn’t fit the tone of the events, so I suspect the director was trying to make some kind of point, but what that was I could only make the most uncertain of guesses.

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    Yay, a new post! How are you liking your job?

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