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Update for 9/25/2016

It’s even later this week, but it’s a good one. Project updates Math relearning – My unnamed critic is having a very bad day because I have posted my devastating rebuttal! An overly long discussion of how programming can work … Continue reading

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Update for 9/18/2016

The update’s a little later than usual this week. It’s colliding with my math project and some freelance work in the kind of time management trainwreck that sometimes happens to me. Project updates Life maintenance Health – It’s annoying to … Continue reading

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Update for 9/11/2016

Life updates Health – I was sick last week starting Tuesday–some kind of cold or flu, I think, with a sore throat, congestion, aches, a bit of spaciness, and a fever–and it threw off most other things I was planning … Continue reading

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Update for 9/4/2016

Happy September! Here’s a tweet from my sister about an article on making a fresh start this time of year. Project updates Math relearning – Life never misses an opportunity to disappoint my optimistic scheduling expectations, and so despite my … Continue reading

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