Update for 9/18/2016

The update’s a little later than usual this week. It’s colliding with my math project and some freelance work in the kind of time management trainwreck that sometimes happens to me.

Project updates

  • Life maintenance
    • Health – It’s annoying to feel slightly sick when I think I should be over it by now, but every day I feel more almost normal. I used to get over illnesses in a couple of days, but maybe because of all the immunosuppressants I take for my ulcerative colitis, things tend to hang on for weeks now. At least I still don’t get sick often.
    • Diet – Next week is my home blood test for cholesterol, and after that I’m not sure what I’ll do for my diet, probably still limit sugar and saturated fat but otherwise take a break from thinking about it. That’s practically all I’m doing already. I’ve lost a lot of steam on all this dieting, since it’s not really my favorite hobby, if you couldn’t tell.
    • Exercise – My break from exercise continued last week, despite what I said in my update. It was mostly because I didn’t like giving up sleep, but also because I’ve still felt kind of fragile, with my physical state fluctuating a little more than it usually would. I’ll try walking anyway this week, since next week’s the blood test, and if I somehow get sicker again, I’ll know it was a mistake.
    • Daily routine – My schedule hasn’t exactly been regular, but I did get a lot more sleep last week and work a fair amount on my math project. That’s one benefit of being sick, giving myself permission to sleep.
  • Math relearning – I need a day or two more for the finishing touches, and then I’ll post it and get on with the programming. I want to get some more preliminaries done on that, and then I need to take a break to pay attention to some other projects.
  • Media
    • Books – I finished The Magician King and have started the last book in the series, The Magician’s Land, and by this point it’s safe to say Lev Grossman is one of my favorite authors. I like hearing his characters interact with their fantasy setting. I’ve been debating what direction to take my listening after this–maybe some more cyberpunk.
    • Movies – Tim and I saw Star Trek Beyond Sunday night, which we both liked, though I wished there’d been a little more talking and a little less action like I seem to remember from earlier Trek movies.
    • TV – I spent a good chunk of Saturday watching a few episodes of Dagashi Kashi, an anime I started a couple of months ago–with the last episode by accident, or the latest episode anyway–and now that I’ve seen the first episode, major questions about the premise have been cleared up. The peaceful rural/suburban setting is mostly why I’m watching it, but in my current mood I’m also finding the show’s quietness kind of depressing.
  • Existential crisis – My current mood is a contained but gnawing anxiety about the decisions I should or shouldn’t be making about major areas of my life and the slowness with which I move on everything. It’s been growing over the past few weeks and gotten pretty painful over the past week or so, probably helped along by my sickness. But this kind of crisis happens to me occasionally, though usually less intensely, and I think journaling and some quality socializing will help it shrink.
  • Photography – To end on a happier note, here are some cute animals.

    Taken 9/1. You know, I hardly ever see a squirrel actually eating.

    A photo posted by Andy Culbertson (@thinkulum) on

    Taken 9/19. I’m not sure if it’s gotten the worm.

    A photo posted by Andy Culbertson (@thinkulum) on

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