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Weeknote for 8/11/2019

Life maintenance 🙄 My life has been kind of crowded with life maintenance lately. I’m handling it okay, but it’s giving me less time for my projects and for sleep, and it’s been burdening me with extra worry. See the … Continue reading

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Update for 5/20/2018

Brace yourselves. This one’s kind of a doozy. Life maintenance 😐 Last week’s tasks: Discarding old medical equipment – Done. Budget – No progress. I blame the EU. See my diatribe below. This week’s tasks: GDPR Budget, if I have … Continue reading

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Update for 4/29/2018

A short-ish update for once. I still procrastinated on it. Life maintenance 😐 My lease is up at the end of July, and this year I’m planning on making myself move into a bigger place. I’ve been putting it off … Continue reading

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Update for 3/4/2018

Birthday 👴 On Wednesday I will officially be old. I might try to get some people together for board games. Church 🤔 Sunday I visited liturgical church #4, this one Anglican. Unlike every other time I visit a church, at … Continue reading

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Update for 2/4/2018

Work 🙂 I decided to do my 5-year service award, which meant my boss and I had to write statements for the CEO to read in chapel. We made it through the ordeal, and it turned out well. In my … Continue reading

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Update for 1/21/2018

Life management 🙂 My productivity finally picked up and gained some momentum last week. As a result my apartment is looking a lot tidier, even though some of that is just that I’ve moved things out of sight. I’ll organize … Continue reading

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Update for 1/14/2018

Productivity 🙄 My laziness at home is being stubborn, so I’m going to start using my productivity tricks, like microtasks (just do one small thing to get started) and implementation intentions (like “When I get home, I will immediately start … Continue reading

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Update for 12/17/2017

Project generator 😎 After months of research and distractions, I’ve finally achieved a first release of this software. I present to you generator-python-cmd v0.1.0! I’ve even posted it on npm for other Node.js users to find. It’s an alpha release, … Continue reading

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Update for 11/19/2017

Last week was calmer. It was also largely taken up by trying to write the previous blog post. So this entry is a little shorter. Productivity 🙂 The week before last amounted to a revolution in my productivity, if it … Continue reading

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Update for 11/12/2017

“Last” week was an interesting one. It took me all the next week to figure out how to write about it. So these events are from Nov 5-11, two weeks before the time I’m posting. I’ll post this week’s update … Continue reading

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