Weeknote for 9/13/2020

Life maintenance


I spent last week getting through regular and freelance work. Somehow that seemed to take up all my time, other than naps and miscellaneous tasks.

I have a new Remicade schedule. After my upcoming infusion, I’ll do 6-week intervals (down from 8 weeks) for about three cycles and see how that affects my symptoms.



I didn’t work on the mnemonic dictionary. My plan this week is the same as last week’s.



I got to my first stopping point in The Lex Fridman Podcast. I listened to his interview with Kai-Fu Lee, the author of AI Superpowers, and now I’m listening to the book. This first batch of interviews gave me some people to look into further, especially Vladimir Vapnik with his mathematician’s approach to machine learning, Juergen Schmidhuber and his interesting ideas on meta-learning, and Jeff Hawkins, who is making progress on a general theory of neuroscience.



Watch Dan Olson’s quietly stunning demonstration of the earth’s curvature. Stay for the chilling gaze into the abyss of our bizarre politics. I’ve been trying to identify why the feeling evoked by this demo was so familiar, and I just realized it’s the feeling I got during the solar eclipse, when I was at the right place and time to see the natural world being totally itself and totally real, yet totally strange. For this and other reasons, I suspect it’s a video I’ll be pondering for a while.

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