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A done cake with freedom frosting

Today marks the end of a long series of projects that have occupied me since at least January, projects I took on to help out other people. They were all worthwhile, but they did keep me from most of my … Continue reading

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At long last, a care receiver!

After almost a year of officially being a Stephen Minister, tonight I finally got a care receiver! One of the Stephen Leaders called me tonight to tell me about him. I’ll call him tomorrow to set up our first meeting. And that’s all I can say about it. :o) Stephen Ministry is really big on confidentiality, which is one of its many good qualities.

Tonight I’m rereading the chapter in the training manual on how to conduct the first meeting. I’m kind of glad it took so long. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything at the end of the training last year. Now that all the details have had time to settle into the back corners of my mind, I feel only slightly intimidated. Continue reading

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