A done cake with freedom frosting

Today marks the end of a long series of projects that have occupied me since at least January, projects I took on to help out other people. They were all worthwhile, but they did keep me from most of my own projects, and I’ve been eager to get back to those, which is a great motivator! It’s been a very productive year. The last of these was a planning guide for our church’s Blue Christmas service, which I’ve coordinated for the past several years and am finally able to hand off to other people. Very late last night I finished the guide. And I’m free.

I feel less liberated than I expected, partly because I still have some projects for other people to do, including Blue Christmas itself, though I won’t need to put off my own projects for them. And I think partly I’m so used to feeling these projects hanging over me that it’ll take me a while to notice they’re gone. And then partly the next projects I have lined up will also be a lot of work and not all that fun.

Still, my personal goals will begin advancing again, and that’s a good thing. I feel a little uneasy rejoicing that this list is done and I can do my own thing now, as if my days of helping people are over, but I feel slightly better knowing that my personal goals are also aimed at benefiting others at least as a side effect.

My first two projects: cleaning up my increasingly cramped and cluttered apartment and restructuring my website.

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  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait to join you for that cake!

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