If you are a frequent visitor of my website (and who isn’t?), you may be have loaded it in the past few minutes and found yourself feeling surprised, confused, perhaps even alarmed, flabbergasted, and other such emotions. This is because instead of the familiar, comforting blog you’re used to seeing, you were confronted with what looks like a heavily vandalized Wikipedia.

Rest assured, what you’re seeing is the same Thinkulum you know and love. Only highly different! Behold, I have created a wiki! My site now consists of two parts, this blog and that wiki. The blog will be for current events like a newspaper, and the wiki will be for time-independent content like a library. Unlike most wikis, however, all the content will be written by me. The contents of the wiki are what I consider the site to be about, so the wiki will be the new home page. And despite the title of this post, I’m not actually calling it Andypedia. I’m not even calling it the Wikulum, as my boss suggested. For now it’s just the plain old Thinkulum wiki.

Why am I splitting my site in half like this? I’ll have a wiki article for that. For now I’ll say that MediaWiki’s features fit the way I want to write better than WordPress does. And maybe this change, along with some others I’ve been making, will free my mind to write more often.

True to the nature of wikis in general, it will always be a work in progress. For now I’ve moved the essays and structural pages from the blog to the wiki, and I’m hoping to start writing stubs for other articles soon. I also really need to update my old content. In the meantime, feel free to poke around!

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  1. Sumurai8 says:



    *prod some more*

    Are you really sure it is safe to explore the content of your wiki?

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