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Weeknote for 10/2/2022

Life maintenance 😐 I narrowed down my candidates for primary doctor and ranked them to clarify my options. This week I’ll try to make an appointment with one of them for the annual physical I’ve been postponing since the start … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 7/4/2021

Blog 😐 I’m working on the email subscription replacement for Feedburner, which will be MailPoet. If you currently get my blog updates over email, in the next day or three I’ll be sending you an email with instructions on how … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 3/14/2021

Stormwater management 😎 I visited a dam with Tim. For my birthday I decided to kick off my stormwater management sightseeing with a trip to the dam that led to this new hobby. The dam keeps the area’s major river … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 3/7/2021

Hobbies 😎 Sunday, thanks to procrastination, I let my mind wander for quite a while on the web, and I was inspired by two ideas for new hobbies. I’m adding stormwater management to my local sightseeing. Living in an area … Continue reading

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Weeknote for 6/2/2019

Coding project generator 😐 I made some progress, but last week this project was mostly crowded out by other things. I don’t think it’s in danger yet. TV πŸ™‚ I finished season 2 of The OA. What a strange show. … Continue reading

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Update for 7/1/2018

(Edited to add remarks on the music videos. And to add the Life Model to the list of spiritual streams.) Death πŸ˜• The week received a surreal and troubling start when I learned on Sunday that one of the first … Continue reading

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Update for 4/8/2018

Easter πŸ™‚ Sunday morning my brother and I went to our usual Easter church. Jeremy’s family joined us. The service was good, but it didn’t feel quite as celebratory as usual. I think that was mainly a combination of us … Continue reading

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Update for 3/25/2018

Last week didn’tΒ feel packed, but you’d think so from the length of this post. Birthday πŸ™‚ Sunday my friends Jeremy and Heather hosted a birthday party for me. They even made tacos. Tim and Linda joined us. We played some … Continue reading

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Update for 2/25/2018

Life management 😐 I had a surprise freelance job last week, so no taxes. But this week! Movies 😎 Tuesday I saw Black Panther with my geek meetup. I rate it 6/5. I’d been looking forward to it as a … Continue reading

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Update for 2/18/2018

Thinking πŸ™‚ My analysis essay is trundling along. I’m hoping to post the rest of it in the next couple of weeks. Life management 😀 I’m going to do my taxes this week. Don’t let me put it off! Beliefs … Continue reading

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