Weeknote for 10/8/2023



My evening time management gave me much more project time, and at work I practiced focusing. In the evening, targeting times for a few specific activities in my routine worked consistently throughout the week, so I’ll keep that as part of my system. My focusing exercise at work is a short meditation that I assembled from mental actions I knew would help me rather than someone else’s script like I’ve followed in the past. I tried to use it whenever I felt my attention scattering, and it worked well enough that I’ll keep practicing and developing it.



I finished making flashcards for chapter 1 of the prealgebra textbook and got some practice studying them. Now I’m taking a break for other projects, starting with my Christmas labels, but I learned a lot about how I want to study material like this, so I feel prepared for the next math iteration and for other complicated subjects. In the meantime I’ll keep reviewing the flashcards I’ve made so far.



Wednesday I learned that my adopted sister Kimberly had died. My sister Abbie called us with the news. It happened suddenly from a health condition. She was 35. Looking through the Facebook messages from her many friends and family, I’m glad to see she was so deeply known and loved. She came into our family after I had moved away, so she and I crossed paths only occasionally—more often during the pandemic with our family’s regular video calls—but I admired her work and her spirit. She was a force for good, and she lived with gusto to the end. She deserved decades more.

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  1. Linda W. says:

    So sorry for your loss, Andy.

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