Weeknote for 10/1/2023



I got past another productivity blocker by pushing through my fatigue. Last week reminded me that when I’m tired, I lie around waiting to recover longer than I’d like. So I tried a new practice of mentally preparing myself on my way home from work to push through my moderate fatigue. Doing this reminded me that feeling tired is often temporary and I can get more done than I expect.



I got through another section of the book. This time I learned it’s a waste to try to type complicated formatting into my flashcards, so now I take a screenshot of anything that needs a visual layout, and that’s much faster. This week with my new productivity techniques I’ll try to get through another few sections before I switch to Christmas projects next week.



Netflix DVD ended on Friday, and I’m finishing out my subscription with Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. The 1995 Ghost in the Shell movie was one of my first Netflix rentals, so ending with this series feels fitting. And so far I’m not disappointed with my choice. I haven’t decided whether to send the discs back afterward. Netflix has gone out of its way to tell us to keep our last rental as long as we like.

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