Weeknote for 9/24/2023



I started experimenting with ways to regulate my evening schedule. I’m treating it as a coarser grained version of my routine timers. I set alarms for a few target tasks, and using those as a guide, I’m making adjustments to my activities based on my circumstances at the time. As usual it worked decently the first couple of days, so we’ll see how it holds up.



I got through studying the textbook’s first section. Unbelievably slow progress, but hopefully it’ll go faster if my time management keeps up. I also had to work out the details of getting notes from Google Sheets into Anki. From this first section I found that learning flashcards for complex material is difficult but doable. Also taking notes was slow, so I’ll be looking at how to speed that up. It seems this project is as much about learning how to study as it is about learning math.



A skunk joined me on my walk. It was late at night, so I was on the lookout for them. Sure enough, about halfway through one came galloping toward me down the street. But this time instead of hurrying away, I stopped, watched, and started filming.


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