Weeknote for 10/15/2023

Christmas labels


I made a good start on the labels. Having an annual project like this is a good way to gauge the progress of my productivity system. This year’s project is definitely feeling more orderly and doable in a two-week period, although I’m still feeling anxious about it as usual. In any case, I’ll be trying to wrap it up this week.



I’m returning to my sustainability podcasts and finding new ones. The past few weeks I’ve felt more of a need to shift my focus to content that matters, that doesn’t feel small. There are certainly a number of serious issues going on right now, but my search mainly led me back to the sustainability concerns I wrestled with a couple of years ago. So I’ve picked up some of my old podcasts again (some here, some more here) and engaged my FOMO to hunt for others I might want to follow. A couple of sources turned my attention especially to the idea of ecological overshoot: the Stockholm Impact/Week conference on sustainability investing, in particular the interview with Daniel Schmachtenberger, and this article on conservation. So I’m including some podcasts along those lines. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

  • Everybody in the Pool – a big smorgasbord of climate action hosted by Molly Wood (of the earlier podcast How We Survive)
  • Futureverse – another one by Molly Wood and co-host Ramanan Raghavendran about insights from climate fiction authors
  • Climate Rising – the roles business can play in climate solutions
  • Fusion News – progress reports on fusion power research
  • The Great Simplification – a systems perspective on our global energy and environmental outlook hosted by Nate Hagens, one of the Stockholm Impact/Week conference speakers. This film summarizes his views.
  • Reversing Climate Change – climate tech solutions, especially carbon capture. The first interview I listened to answered my burning question of whether there was a book like Drawdown that catalogued solutions on sustainability more broadly: yes, there’s Regeneration by the same author, Paul Hawken.

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