Weeknote for 10/17/2021



I got through most of unit 2 in Get Programming with Haskell. I’d like to get through unit 4 before I take another break. That’s when the author says you’ll know enough to use the language for weekend projects. Hopefully I can get to that point by the end of next week.



I continued my random crash course on sustainability. Last week what stood out was learning about the many uses of mycelium and listening to some very informative podcasts: The Climate Pod by a couple of entertaining green energy businesspeople, The Climate Question by the BBC, and How We Survive by my favorite tech reporter, Molly Wood. I’m also trying to work out my basic stance on environmentalism. I think I’m in the camp of ecomodernism and bright green environmentalism, though I need to look further into the issue of overshoot.



I rewatched The Martian to remind myself how it visualized the story. It was surprisingly effective at romanticizing such a barren and hostile planet with sweeping vistas and orchestral swells. As usual I turned on the subtitles and the audio description. I find I benefit from a full sensory experience, which is why the movie helps. The biggest example was that listening to the audiobook I basically tuned out the whole Earth flyby part of the plan, but watching the movie it was very clear what they were doing. And the audio description points out little details I would miss on my own, like the palm trees in the background of the 20th Century Fox logo.



Saturday I had lunch with my brother, who was in town for a wedding. We talked about environmentalism and education, and we commented on the nice farmer’s market-like design of the restaurant, though we were underwhelmed with the food we ordered.

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