Weeknote for 10/24/2021



I’ll be trying out another text-to-speech service for the blog. My word balance at my old has gotten too low.



I’ve nearly finished unit 2 of my Haskell book. I’ll blame my slowness on my work schedule, which will hopefully calm down this week. Plus I was starting to get lost in the syntax, so I paused to make a type system cheat sheet. Anyway, I’m going to keep pushing to get through unit 4 before I take another break.



I spent a lot of time assembling more of my Victorian weird fiction playlist. There are a bunch more authors to cover, but I’ll settle on Poe for the rest of October and do the others another year. The stories I’ve listened to have been pretty good. The best by far has been The Lifted VeilΒ by George Eliot.



Barissimo French Vanilla Ground Coffee: 3/5. This was yet another one where I struggled to keep it from being too sweet/sour, but overall it wasn’t too bad.

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