Weeknote for 10/2/2022

Life maintenance


I narrowed down my candidates for primary doctor and ranked them to clarify my options. This week I’ll try to make an appointment with one of them for the annual physical I’ve been postponing since the start of the pandemic.



I’ll take a couple of weeks to work on importing Evernote into Notion. In the meantime I’m starting my note writing exclusively in Notion and considering Evernote an archive.



Software Architecture in Practice by Len Bass, Paul Clements, and Rick Kazman filled in, at an overview level, some gaps in my knowledge of software design, such as virtualization and designing for mobile systems. It was another of those well-organized, comprehensive practitioner textbooks I find so satisfying, so it’ll probably be my starting point when I study software architecture in more depth.



I managed to decorate for fall early in the season this year. And I picked up the gourd and pumpkin decorations I wanted to use last year.


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Saturday I visited the grave of my friend Phil, who I used to visit at his nursing home. I found out the night before that he had died a few months ago and where he was buried, and since it would’ve been my scheduled day to meet with him, the next day I made the short trip over there. I listened to the recording of his graveside service and spent a little while talking to him and his parents, who are buried with him. Phil’s life had significant challenges, but he met them with perseverance, hope, and kindness toward the people around him, and I’m glad he’s at peace now.

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