Weeknote for 10/9/2022



I’m trying a third-party script, enex2notion, for importing my Evernote notebooks into Notion, since Notion’s import is unreliable. Last week I laboriously exported all my many notebooks from Evernote into ENEX files for the script to import, and this week I’ll attempt the import.



Professional Software Development by Steve McConnell was, for me, a feel-good piece about the effectiveness of careful and organized work. Overall the book dealt with the institutional aspects of the software development field, and the most interesting new-to-me discussion was his case in favor of software engineer licensing and how that would fit into the industry.

The Leprechauns of Software Engineering by Laurent Bossavit reminds me to take programming advice with a pound of salt and makes me wonder if the field’s body of knowledge is really ready for a license. The book recounts the author’s attempts to track down and evaluate the sources for some common “leprechauns,” notions about software engineering that have grown from unsupported claim to assumed fact within the community.

People skills


Long Story Short by Margot Leitman gives practical advice for the kind of live personal storytelling I probably won’t specialize in, though it will sometimes come in handy. As usual there were places I wish the advice had gone deeper, mainly on story structure, but I know where I can get that kind of info, and she lists some helpful places to find storytelling examples to learn from, notably David Sedaris, who I didn’t know was such a luminary in this field.



References in Stranger Things and Mr. Robot convinced me to finally fill a pop culture gap in my childhood with Back to the Future. It was lighter entertainment than I normally go for, but it drew me in with its stressful situations, its point about the power of self-assertion, and a guitar performance that got a LOL out of me; and I’ve moved the rest of the series up in my queue.

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  1. Linda W. says:

    I’m glad you watched Back to the Future! It is a classic!

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