Weeknote for 7/30/2023



To wrap up this iteration on creative writing, I listened to Matt Bird’s excellent Secrets of Story and turned my attention to short stories. Those are the kind I expect to write, so I found a book on writing flash fiction (Fred White’s Writing Flash) and researched short story collections to study.



The next two weeks I’m switching gears to visual art with sketchnoting and 3D modeling. This week I’ll do some exercises from Ben Crothers’ books Presto Sketching and Draw in 4. Next week I’ll dip my toe into Blender.


:raised eyebrow:

I’ve learned that my next two months at work are extra crammed full of work. I feel that at this point in my productivity development I can handle it, so this discovery didn’t generate the dread it might have before. I’ll try not to let my workload interfere with my personal projects.

Video games


I’m nearing the end of The Stanley Parable. It’s reminding me how long I take to play games, especially when I only play in small bites during dinner. I was also playing through two different versions, the original and Ultra Deluxe, which was well worth the impulse purchase. The whole set is an interesting and amusing metafictional satire on video games.


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