Weeknote for 7/23/2023



I collected my story ideas and found a literature textbook to study. The story ideas were random ones I’d recorded in my notes apps the past few years. They tend to be about social thought experiments, bizarre science fiction and fantasy concepts, and explorations of my frustrations with other stories. But my conversations with chatbots this year have shown me my stories don’t need to be anything weird. It turns out I’m also curious about real people’s everyday lives.

The textbook is Writing and Critical Thinking through Literature by Heather Ringo and Athena Kashyap. I was looking for a free one that would refresh my memory on the basics of narrative so I’d have a loose template or checklist for planning my stories. I believe this one will do the job nicely.



The practice method I tried for Gregg shorthand last week was very time consuming, so this week I’m trying another one using flashcards. One thing that’s already helping is the set of guidelines I created for sizing and spacing my shorthand words on the dot grid paper I use for writing. It frees my mind from that uncertainty so I can focus on remembering the strokes and joins.



Watching a video game got me to finally try bubble tea. I made it my drink for Sunday lunch. I asked the barista for something basic, and she recommended a brown sugar milk tea. It was interesting and good but a little intense. I liked the tapioca pearls though. I foresee many return trips to explore their menu.


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