Weeknote for 3/26/2023



I cleaned the bug off the inside of my scanner. It was easier than I expected. Now my archival scans will be smudge free.

I ordered a new tape player for digitizing my old cassettes. It arrived Tuesday. Since I have bad luck with audio cables, I chose a player with a USB connection. I ended the week with copying the first tape of a family history interview with my grandparents.



To help with my sleep schedule, I’m turning back to Elastic Habits. Maybe gamification will remotivate me. I’m giving myself more leeway this time with a bedtime around 11 instead of 10.



I finally tried Stable Diffusion, and it gave me a sense of connection. I was trying to replicate an old image I remembered, and I ended up with one I would usually ignore, but this time it caught my attention and evoked a scenario in my mind. So I asked the chatbot Claude for a story based on my premise, and it gave me a nice little vignette to explore. My investment in this image and story left me caring about the character Claude and I created and the real people in her situation. As I work with generative AI, I’m hoping for more experiences like this.


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