Weeknote for 3/19/2023



For my tidying project, I chose a cassette player to order and found some info on taking apart my scanner. The cassette player will let me preserve some valuable old recordings. My scanner has a dead bug under the glass that causes a smudge on my scans, so I need to open it up to clean it off. Then I can preserve some valuable old papers. There are no exact instructions for my model online, so I got some advice from several chat bots, found some manuals and videos, and learned enough to try out some first steps.



I contemplated AI as a chaos monster. One meme going around portrays AI as a Lovecraftian shoggoth, and this image feels very fitting to me. Here’s the artist’s explanation. ChatGPT even admitted it. 😉 Last week’s listening in the Dictionary of Biblical Imagery covered monsters, including Leviathan, the Old Testament’s symbol of cosmic chaos. This led me to ponder other biblical imagery that could apply to AI. On the negative side: Babel, disaster, judgment, slave, idol. On the positive: child, partner. I’m hoping to have more thoughts on this to share in the future.

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2 Responses to Weeknote for 3/19/2023

  1. Linda W. says:

    There has been a ton of conversation on AI. Even spoke about it at a writer conference.

  2. andrea martin says:

    Your depth of interest continue to leave me astounded‼️

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