Weeknote for 3/12/2023



I finished my taxes early, so I did some more investing research. I settled on my international stock fund fund and then got lost in the forest of bond funds. So I’ll need to sneak in some more research on the side as I move on to other projects. But I’m determined to start this investing this year.



This week starts a month of tidying. I want to digitize some old papers and recordings and clear some floor space.



My sister made me this cross-stitch for my birthday. I’ve been trying to cultivate an adaptable, growth mindset, and this Seven of Nine quote will be a very nice reminder sitting on the shelf near my Star Trek books.


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I got an early birthday present when my old high school friend Andrew got in touch over Twitter. We hadn’t spoke in years, and Sunday we spent a couple of hours in a video call catching up and putting our heads together on his latest project.

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2 Responses to Weeknote for 3/12/2023

  1. Linda W. says:

    When is your birthday? Hope you have (or had) a good one, Andy!

  2. Andy says:

    Thanks, Linda. It was last week on Tuesday.

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