Weeknote for 4/2/2023



I crammed in some last-minute progress on digitizing and cleaning. I finished recording the family history interview cassettes to the computer, and I researched how to clean my musty upright freezer so I can start using it again. This tidying project iteration has been more about preparing for future housekeeping, but that’s okay. This week I’ll do some actual tidying by taking a few things to Goodwill, and next week I’ll be on to the next project.



I spent half the week shopping for new pens. I was running out of usable pens for writing my blog drafts. For shorthand I really need one with a reliably smooth line. So based on Wirecutter and Pen Addict I picked up some Pentel EnerGel RTX and Pilot Precise V7, plus some Office Depot gel inks I liked at the doctor’s office. And for writing on glossy receipts, I need to order some Uni-Ball Jetstream ballpoints.



This week my work project coincides with my next personal one, my software development notes. I’ll be synthesizing some of the programming listening I’ve done over the past few years and defining templates, procedures, and other conventions to standardize my own practice. I’m thinking I’ll start with requirements.



I got unstuck in my everyday prayer project. All my digitizing put me in the mood to sort out my messy iTunes library, which is where the prayer audio will live. So that freed me to continue with the project’s next steps. I’ve recorded the first prayer, and next I’ll test its volume and then move on to the other prayers in my list.

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